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He studied at the National Conservatory of Havana (Cuba), with renowned faculty Rolando Ochoa and Carlos Averof (Irakere), which received the first elements of jazz and improvisation At the age of 17 years, Award national de saxophone Amadeo Roldan (Havana). Later selected to participate in three editions of Jazz Plaza International Festival of Havana with the musical group Ireme, organized by Arturo Sandoval, coincide with major musicians like Gonzalo Rubalcaba, Chucho Valdes, Dave Valentin, Dizzy Gillespie, among others…
Later, accompanying the international singer Maggie Carles, participate in the International Jazz Festival of Havana (1991), as well as concert tours in Ecuador (Theatre Simón Bolívar, Quito) and North Korea (Theatre of the city of Pyongyang).
In 1992, she joined the band of singer Feeling more representative of Cuban, Omara Portuondo, where just doing the work of pianist, conductor and arranger, participated in many tours in Cuba (International Festival Boleros Havana), in Portugal and Spain (Sala Caracol Madrid issued TVE, the Seville Universal Exhibition 1992). International Festival of the Guitar Córdoba 1994.
Since then he has participated in direct and recordings of many artists of the Spanish music scene, which include, Alameda (20 Anniversary), Xerez Sherry sherry, Jerez Macanita produced by the producer Ricardo Pachón, David Peña Dorantes (Piano flamenco with the show "to walk") at the Teatro Lope de Vega in Seville.
Esperanza Fernández the flamenco festival of Dusseldorf, Piano with Duende Flamenco Biennial of Seville with Ricardo Miño.
Festival de la Guitare (Astaffort-France) where he shares the stage with the guitarist Scot Henderson (Usa), Adrian Legg (France) and Gigi Cifarelli (Italy)
With singer Miguel Rios in the program ‘’Buenas Noches Bienvenidos’’ Canal 2 Andalucía 2007. Collaborating with producer Pablo Pinilla on the album " the scent of loneliness" singer David de Maria 2007.
Participation in the production of the video clip “Early spring" with the singers James Blunt and Laura Pausini 2009 at the Teatro Pereyra Ibiza.
Two shows on the nights of the Royal Alcázar own, which he called "Cuban identity," and another with singer Carmen Cano Seville "From Seville to Havana".
Master Class Convention Adagio SA, MasterClass Conservatory Reus (Tarragona), among others.
Has also completed several projects of Jazz and flamenco. Then, with bassist Paul Zapata, began the project, "Aboriginal Cuban Quartet",International Award Jazz in the city of Granada. This project is carried out different activities such as participation in the Festival de Jazz de Lagos (Lagos, Portugal), in Jazz Clubs such as Chubby Cheek (Jaén), Central (Utrera, etc.). ... In the Festival of Contemporary Music, International University of Andalusia, Jazz Festival in the Province of Sevilla, 23 º International Jazz Festival Granada Theater Alhambra, etc....
Concerts Performed:
. Concierto 20th anniversaries of the artistic life of singer Maggie Carles Karl Marx Theater (Havana-Cuba 1987)
. World Youth Festival and students with singer Maggie Carles (1989)
. Arts Theater in Pyongyang (North Korea)
. Tropicana show concert international tour with Maggie Carles Simon Theatre Bolívar (Quito- Ecuador) 1990
. International Jazz Plaza Festival in Havana (1991) with Maggie Carles participate trumpeter Dizzy Gillespie, Arturo Sandoval, Dave Valentin, among others
. Bolero International Festival with singer feeling more representatives the Cuban Omara Portuondo (Havana National Theatre) 1992
. Musical director and pianist of international tour to Spain with the singer Omara Portuondo concert hall ''CARACOL “ (MADRID 1994) written in print advertising in Country 1TVE television news
. International Guitar Festival (Cordoba- Spain) with the singer Omara Portuondo (1994)
. II Jazz Festival town of Morón (Sevilla) with Mestizo Latin Jazz music project
. Concert 20 anniversaries Alameda Band Columbus House Auditorium (Huelva-
Spain) 1998
. International Guitar Festival (Stafford-France) with flamenco guitarist Paco Fernandez (Seville-Spain) invited to the festival Scott Henderson, Gigi Cifarelli (Italy) Adrian Legg (France) 2001
. Spring Jazz Festival with Aboriginal Cuban Quartet (Villamartin Cadiz-Spain) 2001
. International Award for jazz performers 2002 (Theater Alhambra) Granada –Spain
. Concert Aborigen Cuban Quartet
. Festival of Jazz in the Zubia (Granada-Spain) with Aborigen Cuban Quartet (Center
Theatre Zubia cultural)
. ‘’Chubby Cheek’’ Jazz Club (Jaén-Spain) with Aboriginal Cuban Quartet 2002
. Jazz Festival (Sevilla-Spain) Fran Mazuelos Group (2002) Concert Theater
Gutierrez de Alba (Alcala de Guadaira)
. International Book Fair (Sevilla 2003) Concert band Aborigen Cuban Quartet
International Jazz Award
. International Jazz Festival 2002 (Jaén-Spain) ABORIGEN CUBAN QUARTET
. International Jazz Festival (Lagos-Portugal) Aborigen Cuban Quartet 2003
Receiving the plaque commemorating the city of Lagos for outstanding performance
. Jazz Festival in the province of Seville 2003 (Aborigen Cuban Quartet)
. Participation as a saxophonist in the XII Biennial of Flamenco Art with pianist Ricardo Miño 2004 (Central Theater) Sevilla-Spain
. International Jazz Festival of Las Cabezas de San Juan (Sevilla-Spain) Aborigen Cuban Quartet.
. Contemporary music series organized by the International University of Andalusia (2004)
. Series of concerts in the Alcazar of Sevilla-Spain Rafael Garcés Trio and his show
cubanía 2004
. As a saxophonist with pianist David Dorantes Teatro Lope de Vega (Sevilla 2005)
spectacle ‘’Hasta el Andar’’
. Cycle of the University of Sevilla with Juan Ruiz (Percussionist) ‘’El Flamenco que
Viene del Sur’’
. Concert Jamboree jazz club (Barcelona 2005) Aborigen Cuban Quartet
. Concert with singer Juan Antonio Valderrama presentation of his album Illusion Theater Lope de Vega (Seville) 2006
. Concert Carmen Cano + Rafael Garces (Dialogues) international tour Miami’s Calle 8 (USA) on the occasion of Hispanic Heritage Day 2006
. Concert in the international music festival Conga Caliente with singer Carmen Cano (2006) City of Tampa, Florida (USA)
. Three concerts with singer Carmen Cano music series VIII nights the gardens of the Real Alcazar (2007) WOMEN IN MUSIC
. As a pianist and saxophonist in the concert flamenco festival Düsseldorf City (Germany) with Miguel Vargas and singer Esperanza Fernandez (Theatre Philharmonic Tonhalle ) DUSSELDORF 2007
. XVII Jazz Festival Lugo (Santiago de Compostela, Spain) Xavi Reija Electric Quartet (Chamber Harpsichord) 2007 guest artists John Scofield
. Jazz Festival Madrid (Spain) 2008 Electric Quintet Xavi Reija Presentation of the
. Concert Carmen Cano + Rafael Garces in theatre Can Ventosa (Ibiza) Show'' SONG TO THE CUBAN CLASSIC'' 2009
. Concert Carmen Cano + Rafael Garcés Quartet (Jamboree Jazz club Barcelona –Spain 2009)
. Rithual disc presentation Xavi Reija Quintet in (Jamboree Jazz Club Barcelona –Spain 2009)
. Concert Rafael Garcés + Carmen Cano Duo series of concerts at the Jazz Corner (Seville- Spain) 2009
. Concert Rafael Garcés + Carmen Cano Duo concert hall Clasijazz (Almeria-Spain) February 2010
. Concert Rafael Garcés + Carmen Cano Quartet in concert hall Clasijazz (Almeria-Spain) May 2010
. Concert Carmen Cano + Rafael Garces literary awards Apollo and Bacchus partnership in Morocco Pavilion (La Cartuja, Sevilla-Spain) 2010
. Concert Theatre Pereyra New Album Harmsen & Garces 52 Min 52 Sec (Ibiza-Spain
2012) Duo Saxophone and Piano
Television Programs:
. Cuban television program (Contact) presented by Hilda Rabileiro 1993 with Omara Portuondo (Cuban Singer)
. Concert with singer Omara Portuondo at Caracol Club (Madrid) Relayed by 1TVE
. Participation in the movie starring Spanish actress Concha Velasco Beyond the garden (1996)
. Concert 20 anniversary group ALAMEDA Auditorium Casa Colon (Huelva) 1998 TV Canal 2 Andalucía
. Program (Una LLama Viva) of José Luis Ortiz Nuevo with percussionist Juan Ruiz Flamenco 2003 TV Canal Sur (Spain)
. Program 1000 and a night presented by Joaquin Petit interview Spanish film director Fernando Trueba (pianist of the band of 2004 program)
. Pianist Competition (Gente de Primera) 1TVE (TV Spain) 2005
. With singer Carmen Cano in the program submitted by Alexis Valdes (Seguro que
Yes) in America TV Channel 41 (Miami-USA 2006)
. With singer Carmen Cano in the program of Arturo Ramos (Piano-Piano) Tele Miami (Miami- Usa 2006)
. Carmen Cano in concert TV Miami (Dando La nota ) Presenters Alturo Fuerte y Mary Lauret
(Miami-Usa 2006)
. Saxophone solo on the album and video clip of singer Spain (David de Maria) titled ‘’LA FUERZA DE LA VOLUNTAD-Song El Perfume de la Soledad 2007
. Video Clip Recording with James Blunt with Laura Pausini in Theatre Pereira (Ibiza 2008) entitled ‘’Primavera Anticipada’’ ’’Early spring’’
. Saxophonist program presented by the singer Miguel Rios (Buenas Noches Bienvenidos ) TV Channel 2 Andalucia-Spain (Blue de la Soledad)
. Guest Program ‘’E-ntrevistes’’ with singer Carmen Cano and presenter Cat (TEF TV show featuring Ibiza and Formentera) Spain (2009) Concert Theatre Can Ventosa (Concert the Cuban Classics)
. Program presented by Singer Miguel Bose (Seventh Cavalry)1TVE-SPAIN with (Rafael
Amador 1999) Jazz Flamenco
Awards and Qualifications:
. Graduate Conservatory Superior of Music in Havana (Saxophone Teacher)
. International Jazz Awards (Jazz Festival Granada-Spain) Aborigen Quartet 2002
. First prize contest classic saxophonists ‘’AMADEO ROLDÁN’’ Santiago de Cuba-Cuba
. Master jazz and improvisation classes at the Conservatoire de Reus
. (Tarragona) 2003 within the cultural week in that city
. Plaque commemorating the city council of Lagos (Portugal)
. Recognition of outstanding performance in the Jazz Festival (2003)
. Convention music store Adagio-Spain (Sevilla-2004) (Saxophonist)
Records, collaborations and productions:
. Álbum (Un Chaparron,Chaparron) 2005 Singer Maria del Monte (Spain ) (Arrangements Brass)
. Álbum (De Maria a Maria con sus Dolores) Artist Maria Jimenez (Spain) Record Label MUXXIC RECORDS S.A. (Saxophone Solo ‘’Va vene cosi’’)
. Album ‘’Por Colombianas’’ Artist Ana Reverte (Spain) Record Label Sol Mag Productions) 2003 –Arrangers Brass..
. Álbum ‘’ACARICIAME’’ Artist Soles (Spain) Record Label Villamusica 1999
. Album ‘’Eclipse’’ Artist Soles (Spain) Record Label Senador –Coliseum) 2007 Arrangers in collaboration with Juan Ruiz (Producer)
. Álbum ‘’De la misa la mitad’’ Artist Rafa Serna (Spain) Record Label Senador-Coliseum 2001
. (Arrangers, Producer) Album ‘’Boleros’’ Record Label OFS (Spain)
. Albúm ‘’Sastipen tali’’ Artist Guitarist Paco Fernandez (Record Label OFS-Spain) 2006
. Album ‘’Dream Land’’ Artist Xavi Reija Quintet (Spain) Record Label Batiendo Records 2006
. Album ‘’Rithual’’ Artist Xavi Reija Quintet (Spain) Record Label Lindi Music 2008
. Álbum ‘’Jerez, Xeres, Sherry’’ Artist La Macanita (Spain) Record Label Nuevos Medios Ricardo Pachon (Producer) 1998
. Álbum ‘’Ambore’’ Artist Juanito Villar (Spain) Record Label Fonografica del Sur 1998
. Álbum ‘’Hablando con la Luna’’ Artist Manuel Alpresa (Spain) Record Label Horus 1996
. Álbum ‘’El Jardín de las Delicias’’ Artist Marile Rios (Spain) Record Label Horus 1998
. Album ‘’Concert 20 aniversario Alameda ’’ Artist Alameda Group (Spain) Record Label Picap 1999
. Álbum ‘’Diálogos’’ Artist Carmen Cano (Spain) Record Label Luna Discos S.L 2006
. Álbum ‘’La fuerza de la Voluntad’’ Artist David de Maria (Spain) Record Label Warner Music 2007-Saxophone Solo ‘’El perfume de la soledad’’
. Producer,Arranger Álbum ‘’Aborigen’’ International Awards Jazz ‘’ Record Label Luna Discos .
Album ‘’52 Min 52 Sec’’ Artist Harmse & Garcés (Holland-Cuba) Record Label Teatro Pereyra 2011 (Infinity Studios Madrid-) 2011.
.Producer of the new Album SUI GENERIS the singer Carmen Cano (Madrid-2013)
. BSO (Soundtrack interprets “The Flowers of Evil” award at the Montreal film Festival 2012)
‘’ The Flowers of Evil’’ Work Awarded at the National Short Film Competition of the Ministry of Culture of Peru - cine 2013.
‘’The Flowers of Evil’’Cannes Short Film Corner 2013.
’’The Flowers of Evil’’ Award for Best Opera Prima in Filmocorto 2013, Lima-Peru.

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